Creation of the Coffee Table Book

Creation of the Coffee Table Book

Please forgive me but I got to start this story with the epilogue of this book: When ever you are going through a hard time you either find yourself miserable or at some point you discover the will to improve, showing no mercy to those circumstances which drew you down. Well, as a German, I can attest that our nation’s journey involved emerging from the depths, demonstrating our capacity to excel and contribute meaningfully on the global stage. The virtues of German reliability and precision are the very attributes we aim to celebrate within the pages of this book.

As a kid I always found myself being amazed by the fascination of tanks and guns in general. It had always something mysterious and very interesting. Back in the kindergarten people were concerned about my uprising because I always brought tanks and camouflaged vehicles to play with me. But heck I still cannot tell why but it amazed me for some fact. Fast forward I am writing this block post about a journey where I could meet so many special people, starting from dudes that are just doing their “regular” army duty without any interest in any display of their job in a cool manner, over to people like my comrades at BIA that really move stuff for us Germans and are a great example how the German community developed.

When I first started RawForces it was just a project for me to do what I like as a hobby - designing and creating a vibe, connecting subcultures and celebrating a certain lifestyle. This project was never intended to sell merch or to involve and unite so many people in one big project, like this coffee table book. One day my friend, Gazo from Nocturnal Reaper Cult, texted me and planted the seat of a coffee table book in my head. Since our American comrades, like FOG, already done it, we wanted to put something out there that would eventually represent our own German forces - but in a RawForces manner. Lavish edits accompanied with just harmonious pictures. We reached out to so many people that are known in the “German forces instagram community” that put trust in RF to put this book together. Since I am actually a one man army I was so lucky to get in contact with the guys at BIA that suggested to help me with all the distribution, uniting people under one label and eventually also giving motivation during the creation process. I went through almost endless nights, going through a creative slump and really feeling like it was not good enough what I put together. I really wanted to justice to all contributors to put out a benchmark for us Germans in general.

BIA, the contributors and me are delighted to put out what we think is a milestone for us as a community and are looking forward to volume 2 in the next year. We are looking forward to you guys that want to be in GERMAN ISSUED volume 2. But for now let us honor the courage of those who have served and chased the dreams of the next generation. Thanks to everyone for taking their time in contributing to this effort, for supporting and being interested in general. One’s person time is the greatest gift they could offer to you, so don’t take it for granted it is limited.

With love and the reminder for you to be the best self you could be one day at a time,

Florian from RawForces


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