Our story began in 2015, when the world was a different place. For normal people, it was a world of peace and happiness.

But for us, peace meant preparation. As active soldiers, we worked behind the scenes in a glamorous and peaceful world. We make sure that our country, our people and the future generation are safe. It was 2015 when something struck us.

All these years we have been preparing for outside threats. But threats have many faces. In the heyday of peace and comfort, the threat came from within and slowly attacked our minds. It made us weak.

Then we founded Brothers in Arms.
A strong community of guardians. We hold to the values of protection, unity and self-improvement. Alone we are strong, but together we are stronger. Let us defy adversity together.

Long live the Brotherhood.

The size of Brothers in Arms has changed over the years. Working long nights, giving 110% of our effort and being passionate about our mission has not.

2015 - All hands on deck

Preparing and shipping the first "Brothers in Arms" collection from our living room.

2022 - making an impact

Our first milestone for keeping the stories of our heroes alive.

2024 - built to last

Hundreds of orders every day supply the whole world with the best operator gear.

Thank you.

And all this thanks to you, our Brothers in Sisters in Arms. You are the reason we're here and you are the reason we will never settle for anything less than perfection.

Thank you for your support from all over the world.