The Legendary 300 Workout

The Legendary 300 Workout

Being physically fit is not only important for soldiers, but should matter to everyone. Apart from the obvious aspects like health, better well-being and appearance, none of us knows when we might find ourselves in an extreme situation and need the physical performance.

Focusing only on weight training or running is better than nothing in this regard, but in everyday life and (soldiering) jobs we need a mix of strength, endurance and coordination.

The often ridiculed CrossFit is in itself not so bad to combine both, as long as you perform the exercises correctly. Since the whole thing is supposed to be fun, I present to you the original 300 Workout from the legendary movie:


The Exercises:

  1. 25 Klimmzüge
  2. 50x Kreuzheben mit 60kg Langhantel (135lbs)
  3. 50 Liegestütze
  4. 50 Box Jumps 60cm hoch (24 Zoll)
  5. 50 Floor Wipers
  6. 50x Clean and Press mit 18kg Kettlebell  (36lbs)
  7. 25 Klimmzüge



    Background info:

    As the name suggests, this workout was developed for the Spartan actors from the movie 300. Surprisingly, the exercises do not focus on pure pumping, but strength endurance with sensible basic or bodyweight exercises. So the full-body workout would actually have made a good workout for real Spartans.

    Enjoy the workout and post your times in the comments!


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