Shipping to countries of deployment - field post


How do I fill in an address for the field post (only for German Armed Forces / Bundeswehr)?

Packages or letters are provided with the following address:

First and Last name of the recipient
Troop unit 
(Example: 4. EinsKtgt Verskp)
Country token* (Example: AFG)
– Über Feldpost –
64298 Darmstadt

  *Country  token

Country of deployment / -place

MLI Mali – Gao
NER Niger – Niamey
QAT Qatar – Al Udeid
JOR Jordan – Al Asrak
LTU Lithuania – Rukla
MLI Mali – Koulikoro
IRQ Iraq – Erbil
KOS Kosovo – Pristina
SDN Sudan – El-Fasher
SSDN South Sudan – Juba