Track My Package

We ship all paid orders within 24-48 hours (excluding pre-orders) to ensure you receive your new favorite items as quickly as possible.

To check the current status of your shipment, simply click on the profile icon in the menu bar and log in (or click here). Then select the relevant order and click on the current shipment status to view all detailed information and the tracking code.

Goods Mail

Goods Mail is a cheap and efficient shipping alternative that we offer for our international customers. However, this method takes considerably longer than DHL parcels. Waiting times of up to 3-4 weeks are completely normal. At peak times, for example at Christmas, it can even take 5-6 weeks for your shipment to arrive. Please only email the support if your parcel has been on its way for 4 weeks or longer. We have a delivery rate of over 99.99% and should the parcel be returned to us, we will inform you immediately. We understand that you are eagerly awaiting the shipment, but a little more patience is required for goods mail.

Thank you for your understanding. 🏴