15 Powerful Spartan Rules of Life

15 Powerful Spartan Rules of Life

I. The greatest shame for a Spartan was to return alive from a lost battle. So too here. Do not return from a challenge unless you have given it your all.

II. Eat only plain food and never eat until you are completely full. This not only makes you lean for battle, but also builds mental strength.

III. Seek intense competition with others. This will push you much more.

IV. Every Spartan should pass a challenge. A physical or mental test. Once it is completed, you are reborn and better than ever.

V. Speed, strength and agility are less important than endurance, tenacity, stamina and courage.

VI. Accepting death will allow you to live your life without anxiety. It frees the mind from the limitations of fear and brings out your true potential.

VII. Do not engage in chatter, but only in conversations that nourish and strengthen your spirit.

VIII. Fight for a good cause, use every bit of your being to advance that cause and don't be afraid to defend it.

IX. Surround yourself with people who are determined to become their best selves.

X. A leader does not watch from a safe distance.

XI. Always put yourself in difficult situations where you are forced to swim or sink. A good Spartan must have the ability to adapt quickly.

XII. Participate in structured, organized, and reputable training programs and make sure you see them through to the end.

XIII. Refuse to be a victim of outside circumstances. Learn to rely on yourself and be prepared for any situation.

XIV. Find ways to incorporate short periods of suffering into your daily life. This will provide growth and prevent you from falling into laziness.

XV. Commit to constant physical training, regardless of circumstances and feelings.

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